Snowflakes © Jennifer Leslie

Seasons © Jennifer Leslie

Northern Lights © Jennifer LeslieAnn © Jennifer Leslie

Would you like to find out how to make a doll like Ann? Jennifer found out how at this website:

Rose © Jennifer LeslieThe notion of “Time-Ins” rather than “Time-Outs” for children: The latter part of this article is particularly poignant as it discusses the benefits of helping your child foster awareness (being “mindful”) of events and emotions to promote self-regulation, eliminating the need for harsh punishments.

Still Ocean © Jennifer LeslieThis is so simple and intuitive . . . and effective! “Mindful breathing” techniques are beneficial (and obvious) for everyone. This Edmonton, Canada school is using “mindfulness” to help keep students well. Read the article here.

Australia’s Wellbeing magazine has some insightful articles, such as this one on “Slow Parenting” and this on “How to Nurture Self-Esteem in Children.”

Author Anat Baniel discusses the importance of movement in her fascinating book Kids Beyond Limits.


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