“And then there is the universal role of adult. When you play that role, you take yourself and life very seriously. Spontaneity, lightheartedness, and joy are not part of that role.”  – Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth


Become a child again


Bradbury quote-selfconsciousness


“Self-consciousness is the enemy of all art, be it acting, writing, painting, or living itself, which is the greatest art of all.” – Ray Bradbury in Zen in the Art of Writing





Blank computer drawing“Without . . . balance, our children risk losing themselves in digital media and disappearing into a world where we can’t follow. If we don’t pay attention and monitor them to see how long they are spending on the computer, texting, or in front of the television, then we are not setting them any parameters or letting them know how destructive such addictive patterns of behavior can be.” – Goldie Hawn in 10 Mindful Minutes


about to die


“If we regard our children as personal property, if to us they are the continuance of our petty selves and the fulfillment of our ambitions, then we shall build an environment, a social structure in which there is no love, but only the pursuit of self-centered advantages.” – J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986)




Sandcastles © Jennifer Leslie
“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” – Heraclitus



Hoff-inner voice



“When you discard arrogance, complexity, and a few other things that get in the way, sooner or later you will discover that simple, childlike, and mysterious secret known to those of the Uncarved Block: Life is Fun.” – Benjamin Hoff in The Tao of Pooh




Consolation Lakes © Jennifer Leslie“Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.” – Eckhart Tolle in Stillness Speaks


“You and I have made this society; it is the result of our actions, of our thoughts, of our very being, and as long as we are merely trying to reform the product without understanding the entity that has produced it, we shall have more diseases, more chaos, more delinquency. The understanding of the self brings about wisdom and right action.” – J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986)


Wisdom happiness courage


Peace is easily maintained; / Trouble is easily overcome before it starts. / The brittle is easily shattered; / The small is easily scattered. / Deal with things before they happen. / Put things in order before there is confusion . . .Tao Te Ching, ch. 64 in Feng/English Trans.


Mossy Path © Jennifer Leslie

“The stream of thinking has enormous momentum that can easily drag you along with it. Every thought pretends that it matters so much. It wants to draw your attention in completely. Here is a new spiritual practice for you: don’t take your thoughts too seriously.” – Eckhart Tolle in Stillness Speaks


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