2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Jennifer:
    I was just reading your article in the April/May issue of RV and Resort magazine regarding children and motion sickness. I hav one more suggestion to avoid this problem, one that I have personally found to be very successful for years. It is called Sea Bands. These are small knitted bands with a “button” imbedded in them. The bands fit one on each wrist with the button facing onto a pressure point between the tendons on the inside of each wrist. The principle is called acupressure and involves no drugs what so ever. I have worn them for days at a time while on extended trips and they really work- I was super sceptical when I got my first pair but found them to be a life saver. I have recommended them to numerous people all of whom have found them to be very useful. I even put them on a student on a school field trip recently and they worked. They are available at most travel shops and pharmacies including Coop,Safeway and Walmart.
    S. Brooks


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